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Bereavement of Beloved wife
Pray for Christopher Leong and family durng this time of bereavement at the home call of his beloved wife -Luan on 31st December 2006

Recovery and God's peace
Mr Koh Ting Tiew is off sedation and his mind is much clearer and able to recall things in the past as well as recent events and less confusion in his thoughts. He is able to read the verses pasted on the walls of his room and has begun to speak more clearly. Continue to pray for recovery and God's peace and comfort will reign in his heart.

Pray for recovery from cancer
Pray for Mr Eric Kirton - the cancer has spread to the lungs. He had been having bad cough and shortness of breath for a few days. Family members were hoping it was just chest infection but x-ray showed otherwise. He will be admitted on Friday to drain fluid that has filled left lung. He can't speak much, so not advisable to call him right now. Radiotherapy is being discontinued.

Pray for salvation and recovery
Pray for salvation and recovery for Pooi Yee's father who has undergone major surgery last Thursday to remove a patch near his liver and colon. However , it was no removed as it is deep and dangerous to do so. Tissues were taken for testing.

Pray for recovery
Shu Lan's mother-in-law is now stable and no longer relying on the feeding tube. She is also going for physio and speech therapy. Continue to pray for her. She worships at Jln Davidson Gospel Hall.

Pray for those unwell
Continue to pray for those who are unwell : Mrs Rebecca Quay, back in Malaysia staying with her parents, Mr Mah (who is still in Pantai Hospital) , Vong Poh Fah, Mrs Low Yoke Yin (as she goes for her chemo treatments) , Lim Ah Thong and Sharon Lim (Vincent's sister) (especially for their salvation).

Pray for recovery
Continue to pray for Vela's recovery.

Pray for Journey mercies
Pray for journey mercies to our sister Lee Yuen Peng to Camberra, Australia.

Morning Ministry messages
Lim Hon Chew and Hoo Yew Wing, as they prepare the following Sunday's Morning Ministry messages.

Pray for expectant parents

Pray for the expectant parents:-
Lin Ngor and Brian Tan
Maggie and Daniel Tang